Dermaroller therapy

Durban Cosmetic Laser Centre performs in clinic Dermaroller™ therapy, as well as selling original Dermaroller™ units for home use.

Popular uses of the Dermaroller system at Durban Cosmetic Laser Centre are for treating acne scars and wrinkles, and for skin rejuvenation, but as with the laser technologies, there are many conditions that may benefit from Dermaroller use. We will discuss this with you, and may combine Dermaroller therapy with other treatments.

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About Dermaroller therapy
Dermaroller therapy is also variously known micro-needling, medical needling and skin needling. The Dermaroller devices are the only US FDA approved, CE approved and German-patented devices whose efficacy has been proven by scientific studies and medical schools all over the world.

The Dermaroller concept is based on two main functions:

  • stimulation of the body’s own production of collagen (collagen induction therapy)
  • increased penetration of active substances into the skin, for example serums (transdermal delivery)

Collagen induction therapy
The principle behind CIT is simple: to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen (neocollagenesis). The device is a surgical stainless steel roller comprised of dozens of fine needles which are used to puncture the skin and intensely stimulate the production of collagen. Thousands of tiny punctures are produced by rolling the device across the treated area, and these become the focal point for the body to produce its own collagen.

Transdermal delivery
A large percentage of the cost of many face creams and serums is wasted by the active ingredient not reaching the layers of skin where it is needed. The home care Dermaroller is studded with over 150 extremely fine needles. Its use is uncomplicated and pain free. The short needles (0.15mm) only push the uppermost scales aside and do not puncture the deeper skin. The needles transport the active substances on the surface through the epidermal barrier into deeper skin layers. Both the home care and in-clinic Dermaroller (where applicable) treatments increase the absorption of biological products.

Ideal results of CIT

  • softens fine lines
  • contributes towards skin thickening of the living skin layers
  • reduces the appearance of acne scars and other depressed scars on the body
  • Helps improve stretch marks

Advantages of CIT

  • procedure time is an average of 30-45 minutes
  • there is very little downtime – only a mild redness and swelling for one to three days
  • there is no sun sensitivity as the epidermis stays intact
  • you will have visible results after only six to eight weeks
  • the treatment is cost-effective
  • can be used on thin skin
  • can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body
  • non-ablative technique with no post-op pain, no scars, and no pigment problems
  • can be used all types of skin

For the achievement of optimum results, several treatments may be necessary. In order to maintain your CIT result we recommend that you combine the in-clinic treatment with the home care Dermaroller, and appropriate skin care products.

Clinical studies and the results of micro-needling can be found here.

Contact us to order your Dermaroller for home use, or for a free consultation to discuss in clinic solutions. Note: We sell and use original Dermaroller units (